Chotot - Navigation Revamp

User Research, UX Strategies


  • Workgroup transformation and product development: along with the increase in products/features coming from workgroups creating complexity and conflicts in the navigation system make the user experience worse as well as difficult for driving and improving Business performance
  • Business expansion: With vertical business expansion, product variety and features from common workgroups requires an appropriate and effective navigation system for a larger business vision
  • User expectation: The userUser requires us to organize information in a smart, appropriate way, easy for them to navigate between products/features.

Because of those above reasons: they seriously require us to plan for the navigation architecture (focus on improving the navigation system) of our platform so that help each vertical business can be autonomous and accelerated in product development, and product expansion but remains consistent

Problem and Business Impact

Business direction:

  • We will focus to specialize in 4 main vertical businesses: PTY, VEH, JOB, and C2C. In each vertical business is a product ecosystem that addresses specific, relevant needs of each market.
  • While verticals can be positioned to Specific brand for each vertical (Example Chợ Tốt, Việc Làm Tốt and coming new brand Xe Tốt, Nhà Tốt...) but still maintain one app for buyer side and we don't have any decision to separate our app into separate apps
  • In order to not complicate and speed up product for a specific development. Developing web/app for specific user segment needs (e.g. BO) could be considered.

User problems and Insights:

Chotot is a large platform with a wide variety of content serving the needs of different types of users. So it is important to make it so that different types of users with different information needs can easily and quickly find what they need. To do this, we need to provide the content the user needs and at the same time limit the display of unnecessary content.


Considering the limitation in human resources and timing, the solutions should be advanced in 2 big milestones: SHORT-TERM (in 6 months) and LONG-TERM (in 2 years) which are expanded below.

SHORT-TERM: Improving System navigation for the current Cho Tot app for mass-users

a. Why to do:

  • The current design is having several problems, including inconsistent features between platforms, uncertain and confused wording, various icon styles, non-logical grouping and orders, non-expand and not being able to configure, not customized segments.
  • While our company need to focus on key projects to assure the KPIs, it is necessary to consider the limitation in human resource in the solutions;
  • The user behaviors can not be adjusted immediately. Because users have been familiar with the current design, changing the whole menu can confuse them;
  • There is a need to have an official guideline/rule of the menu order for vertical workgroups to reflect and follow whenever updating features/products;
  • This solution should be a premise for phase no. 2 (long-term).

b. What to do: Re-order and re-design sections inside the “More” menu in the header navigation for the desktop site and the bottom navigation for the mobile site and app. With 3 objectives: reducing the risk that can happen when changing the users' behavior, solving system problems step by step, and gaining learning points, we decided to divide into 3 smaller phases:

LONG-TERM: Evolved System navigation for the current Cho Tot app and new platform - Cho Tot Seller Platform

a. Why to do:

  • With the need and orientation to divide product brands of vertical teams, but retain the same mobile app for all, there needs to be a solution to maintain the system but personalize the groups' experience;
  • By this time, the user experience of consumers (buyers, applicants) and providers (sellers, recruiters) has been more and more specified. Since the current platforms are more focused on consumers' flow, providers need to have a platform with their specific flow for an optimized experience.

b. What to do:

  • Design a customized Header (for the desktop site) and Bottom (for mobile site and app) navigation for each vertical;
  • Develop and design a Pro Seller and Shop platform.

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