User Onboarding in Digital Products

Chotot Ltd, Carousell - Professional - Project Owner, User Researcher, UX Strategist

As soon as I began working at Chotot as a user research and strategist, I became aware that onboarding systems on reliable marketplace platforms had several issues, including a lack of rationality and a lack of a management system. This has a negative effect on the user experience.Therefore, I made the decision to assume responsibility for updating the onboarding system and creating the management process for any future use cases.


  • The user's experience using the product is hampered by the onboarding components' indiscriminate usage, lack of logic and order, and lack of cohesiveness.
  • Chotot has unique features and goods compared to the market, which consumers have reported difficulty adapting to and figuring out how to utilize.
  • Every time different product teams develop a new onboarding component, they miscommunicate, which causes conflict or duplication.


  • Defining onboarding rules and guidelines for futures usage.
  • Creating a onboarding management process and systems to align between teams.
  • Updating current onboarding components by defined system.

Management process

To input a new onboarding component for review, all details must be filled:

  • Product/Feature
  • Verticals/WGs
  • PiC
  • Types
  • Treatment Segments
  • Platform
  • Page
  • Order
  • Duration
  • Rules
  • Status


Instruction onboarding

Instruction onboarding

Feature promotion onboarding

Support features
Key features

Customization onboarding (request user data to customize the user experience)


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