Hello, I'm Gennie.

I pursue to create hands-in designs

that take full advantage of technology

to solve human struggles.

based in
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UX Research and Strategy

clients quotes

Matt Adams

Co-founder & Head of Creative Services
at Territory.co

I first met Thu, or as we came to know her, Gennie, when she applied for our Summer 2021 design internship program as a foreign student. I was initially drawn to meet her because of the breadth, quality, and sheer entrepreneurship embodied within her portfolio. When we finally met, I was so struck by her drive and ambition that I nearly I forgot all about the excellent design work! During the three months as part of the cohort, Gennie brought her very best at every step. She’s dedicated to her team and protective of her collaborators, but she’s quite willing to push her team. She wants to learn it all and do it all. I’m eager to see her design career continue to lift-off into the stratosphere.

Jolanta Johnsson

Teacher in Art at Vistula University,
Graphic Designer

I met Thu at Vistula University in Warsaw. She participated in the courses that I conducted in the field of Graphics. I could get to know her talent and potential in graphic design. Thu is a young creative graphic designer. She has many ideas that she can express in an interesting form and in many media. I recommend Thu with the feeling that she will contribute to the development and success of every project in which she will be involved.

Nguyen Minh Ngoc

Investment Banking Analyst at
Thien Viet Securities (TVS)

Thu is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in graphic designing, also in leadership and communications. I met her in Securities Investment Club. She has proven that she is a creative and enthusiastic Head of Communication Department. I was impressed by Thu's ability to deal with even the toughest clients and problems. That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.


Vietnamese street food is an opportunity to develop tourism

Based on that comparison with my understanding of the country's cuisine, Vietnamese street food is an opportunity to develop tourism. In this study, I will discuss three issues surrounding this statement: the characteristics of Vietnamese street food, the role of street food in tourism, and how to develop the tourism industry with potential from street food.

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Contemporary Art to Public Space

Contemporary Art is no longer confined to the space of museums and art galleries. Public spaces and cyberspace on the internet are becoming an important domain of Contemporary Art. Theories that have influenced Contemporary Art practices are Postmodernism, Postcolonialism, Gender, Anthropology of art and cannot be ignored, including the relational aesthetic degree of Nicolas Bourriaud. Aesthetics of relations promote Contemporary Art to play an important role in the construction of public spaces.

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UI Design

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Adobe Creative Suit

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About me

A lifelong inventive and practical designer who is passionate about UX/UI strategy and design. My works are based on disciplines, research, empathy, and problem-solving. I pursue to create hands-in designs that take full advantage of technology to solve human struggles.


Animation Specialist (Internship)
Time Universal Communications

2D Animation, Motion Graphics and Multimedia


Graphic Designer (Internship)
Vietnam Authority of Information Security
Print and digital designs, marketing publications. Assisted IT team with web design and brainstorming.


Web Designer
Student Media Operations
Portland State University (10.2020 - 09.2021)
Specified in UX/UI, web design and marketing materials


Design Internship
Territory Global (06.2021 - 09.2021)
Specified in User Research, UX design, and strategies

Course Migration and User Experience Student Lead
Office of Academic Innovation,
Portland State University (07.2021 - 03.2022)


Marketing Director, Board of Directors
CyberKid Vietnam (since 05.2020)